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date: 15 November, 2009
name: disney
Comment: your work is very good... y cant you share to techniques with other so that learn that also. In a form of PDF linked to your site, so any enthusiastic could easily download...

date: 5 May, 2008
name: Hein de Graaf
Comment: Jetzt haben wir kontakt im real life. Mein Deutsch is auch nicht gut wen ich Hein heisse, genau so wen ich hannes heisse in Second Life. Sie könne meine name Googlen aber meistes ist alles in Hollandisch. Ich bin advisor to local communities to help them to really care about their citizen, especially the elderly and handicapped. Ich habe das English gebraucht, das geht besser..
My wife and I have seen your work and we like it, especially the engravings/ etching work.

See you on 2life.

date: 3 September, 2007
name: vj
Comment: i really like your work would it be possible to see more, i think i might know you pers. do you have a wife name cici
your work really looks formillier..

date: 22 January, 2007
name: Helen
Comment: Nice site!
Excellant artworks!

date: 8 December, 2006
name: Mark Luenser
Comment: It looks like you are a great artist.
I found your site while I was looking for some information for my son\'s school project.
I need to work on his project but I will be back to your site in the near future to look at your art work.

date: 18. September 2006
name: Horst Lünser
Comment: That is a test entry for the function of the new guest book.

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