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A Short Description of Me and My Pictures:

 After 15 years as a book- and offset printer I became an illustrator at the Institut für Systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeographie der Freien Universität Berlin (Germany) in 1971. There I am doing illustrations for e. g. publications, educatoinal purpose and presentations. Computer graphics have become an increasingly important part of my work over the past few years. In my spare time I often spend the evenings drawing. I do still lives, landscapes and portraits in various techniques, for example as oil paintings, crayons, inks (some colored), or water colors. Sometimes I make prints on my small printer's press, which I subsegnently colour in manually.

Oil Paintings Ink Drawings Pencil Drawings Watercolor Drawings Book Illustrations

 Here are some examples of my works. Click on the picture to see a selektion of other pictures on similar topics. I would be delighted to receive comments and tips. You can find my e-mail address at the bottom of this page.


  Of course I also have other interests and hobbies. Among other things I am making more and more use of the possibilities of graphic work on the computer, e. g. for designing my homepage. My photograph for the homepage I edited with a public image editing program. The scientific pictures I draw on a pen tablet with a vector tool directly at the computer. For this I am currently on a new page and display some examples. I enjoy experimenting with JavaScripts, CGI and GIF-Animations. Another area of interest is gardening. I am planning to set up a new page on this topic with useful ideas and design ideas in the near future.

 Moreover, I enjoy my persianKatze cat. If you like cats, visit the page of Tomcat Willi (with many pictures, tips for and interesting links).

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