Pencil Drawing Institut für Systematische Botanik der FUB

This page shows a selection of plant pictures which have been painted with watercolors since 1970
The pictures were painted from nature with watercolors using fine paint brushes.

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For a collector's
china plates for the
"internationale Gartenbauausstellung
in München", 1985.

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china plate for the
"Bundesgartenschau" in Berlin, 1987.


< These watercolor paintings were produced
for an illustrated guide to medical plants.
They are sophisticated illustrations used for
education, calenders and for decorative
purposes (e. g. in pharmacies).

A picture made by me from a watercolor drawing shows the accuracy of my work.
Ein Klick öffnet eine vergrösserte Detailansicht.


Dekofoto   My watercolors as decoration in Ciasa Salares, San Cassiano in Tirol (Italy).

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