Pencil Drawing Institut für Systematische Botanik der FUB

This page shows a selection of my pencil drawings and crayon drawings (1980-1985). These drawings were made with extreme diligence and attention for small details with sharp pens. These drawings were not made from photographs but drawn directly from nature.

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"Tomas and Stefan",
pencil drawing,
60x60 cm, 1980

"Tomas and Stefan" "Margot und Susi"

"Margot and Susi",
pencil drawing,
50x60 cm, 1981

"Chinese Vase",
crayon drawing,
30x50 cm, 1985

"Chinese Vase" "Still Life with Twig"

"Still Life with Twig",
crayon drawing,
30x40 cm, 1984

"A Laboratory of a Botanist"
black crayon,
60x60cm, 1980

"A Laboratory of a Botanist" "The Silver Can"

"The Silver Can",
crayon drawing,
30x40 cm, 1982


An enlarged insert (2X) of one of my paintings shows the accuracy of my paint style.


Unfortunately, I had all my pictures provided on this website with the not very nice watermark, because the images have appeared on various companies and private pages. In part, has been removed thieves my name from the images and printed with their name as his own works were.

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