Oil Paintings Institut für Systematische Botanik der FUB

On this page, I present some of my oilpaintings. Since 1970 I have been making a range of oilpaintings that have been shown at various exhibitions and almost all found admirers and buyers. They are finely painted on fine linen (mounted on fibreboard) or directly on fibreboard painted.

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"The Artist's Vita",
Oil on fibreboard, 30x40 cm, 1990

The Artist's Vita Vase In A Park

"Vases In A Park",
Oil on fibreboard, 30x40 cm, 1990

Oil on hardboard, 50x60 cm, 1986

Ammonite Book

Oil on fibreboard, 40x50 cm, 1979?

"The Botanical Book",
Oil on canvas, 40x50 cm, 1979

Bot.Book Ammonites

Oil on canvas, 60x80 cm, 1980

&Oil Painting Detail

An enlarged insert (2X) of one of my paintings shows the accuracy of my paint style.

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I would be very delighted about all forms of ideas and criticism.