Watercolor Drawing Institut für Systematische Botanik der FUB

Here are some of medicinal plants pictures which have been painted with watercolors
I made for the the german magazine "FÜR SIE".

In order to be able to see the pictures in full size, you need to move the mouse onto the thumbnail.

Valerian Red Vines Melissa Ginkgo Birch Artichoke Cape Pelargonium Ivy Sage
Iceland Moss Purple Coneflower Adhatoda Balloon Vine Pumpkin Rosehip Dubiosa Comfrey Passion Flower Eyebright Candytuft Chamomile St John's Wort Eupatorium Bearberry Black Cohosh Nettle Cajuput Tree Mountain Arnica Primrose Rockrose Hops Egyptian Senna Pine Gum Tree Quince Cranberry Butterbur Monk Pepper Rose Root Siberian Ginseng Motherwort Pot Marigold Common Horsetail Great Yellow Gentian Chili Milk Thisle Lady's Mantle Aloe Pomegranate Evening Star Ginseng Jojoba Goldenrods Common sea-buckthorn

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